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  • Ms Kara David

    "Ang lutong parang chicharon!"

    Watch Kara David as Cochinillo and Beyond's founder, Ms Leah show the step by step process on the secrets on how we cook the best Cochinillo in Philippines!

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  • Luis Manzano, Alden Richards and Julia Montes

    Watch Luis Manzano, Alden Richards and Julia Montes as they enjoy Cochinillo and Beyond while talking about life, movies and more!

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  • Daily Tribune

    “We had this very scrumptious and talaga namang nakakatakam!” Watch as our CEO, Ms Cazel tells the success story of Cochinillo and Beyond

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  • Booky App

    "Crispy skin and tender, succulent meat for the whole fam!"

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  • The Smart Local

    "For a true Filipino flavor, they keep their sauces simple with gravy and spicy vinegar dips."

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  • BiteSized

    "Cochinillo and Beyond specialize in putting together an all-in-one feast centered around the signature cochinillo"

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  • The Beat MNL

    "Order their Whole Cochinillo to start digging into this mouth-watering pork dish!"

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